Thursday, 9 April 2015

Easter Egg Shaped Card

I don't usually  make Easter cards but I have a set of egg dies for a very long time and not used them. So I thought I would have a go.
It's not a particularly exciting card but I thought, I would share the making of this card.
  I have seen egg shaped cards made  by folding a sheet of card stock in half and  placing the fold of the card  over the die , slightly short of the edge of  the die to create the hinge, perfect for the first step to an egg shaped card.   but this  leaves the egg with one straight side, which looks a little odd. 
 As you can see from the photo below .  It doesn't matter how beautifully the egg is decorated  if it has a straight edge it's not going to look right.
 However, this can easily be rectified by cutting another egg shape and adhering it on the front of the hinged card.  as in the photo above.
 This not only hides the hides the hinge it  restores the egg to it's proper shape.

Then the egg can be decorated in anyway you like. I chose to decorate my egg in  Stampin' Up's DSP polka dot papers in spring colours.  

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