Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Card Maker's Image

I  made a baby card for a colleague of my husband a few months ago. Now, I have never met this guy.   So  I had no idea what Ryan was like but I  guessed he  would be a young  guy as he was celebrating the birth of his first child,   (Big clue there)

Monday evening  Hubby and I did the Ice Bucket Challenge and our video's were posted on facebook. 

The next day hubby shared the videos with guys he works with.   

Ryan  said  "your wife doesn't look the way I imagined her to look". Hubby laughed and asked him what  he thought I looked like....Ryan said  .....  
 " Don't take this the wrong way but she makes cards and stuff, so I thought she'd be older and have grey hair."  If I  ever meet him, I may just have to slap him. ha ha ha.

I hadn't realized card making  and crafting  were  age related. LOL.  

I have now seen a photo of Ryan and he is pretty much how I imagined  him to be.

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