Monday, 30 March 2015

Refill those Tombow bottles.

 I love these Tombow glue containers and  I am loathed to throw away the empty containers. 

I really like the green fine line tip for accurate glue application. 

 So I thought I'd see if they could be re filled easily.
Well the answer is  yes.  

With a pair of pliers remove the broad  tip fill with glue and replace the tip. 

Don't remove the green fine tip  as it won't go back on . Remove the label, clean up the bottle.

Using a permanent marker label the bottle so you know what type of glue it contains and so as not to mix  the refilled container with genuine bottles of  Tombow glue .

This  one  contains  PVA and it will certainly  be a lot easier to apply it to my projects from this little bottle, rather  than the larger 1 litre bottle it's usually in.

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