Saturday, 7 March 2015

My First Card

I've was having a clear out in my craft room a couple of weeks ago and came across this card I made about 20 years ago. It was made for a girl who was leaving but then she never left, so it remained in my possession.
This card was hand drawn and painted using water colours.
When I started card making 20 years ago, card making products were limited and hard to find in the UK.
I remember my  card making stash consisted of a tin of water colour paints, a bunch of  peel offs,  a couple of punches, a paper trimmer, a knife and cutting mat,  a dozen stamps and various types  ink pads all of which fitted into a very small drawer unit.
Even card was limited,  to get card in nice colours I had to buy the huge sheets of card and cut them down to A4....not easy with small paper trimmer.

My knowledge of inks and colouring mediums was very limited so I often had disasters when trying to paint something, I had stamped with... let's say the "wrong"  ink.

My knowledge and skills,  especially in stamping have come a long way,  thanks to Stampin'up!.   Prior to signing up with SU, I was rubbish at stamping and  those few stamps I owned previously were relegated to a drawer and never saw daylight again let alone ink.

These days the range of card making products available is vast and totally mind blowing. 

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Sharon Steinwand said...

So you can draw and paint like a dream -wonderwoman! I love to stamp and am addicted to all the "toys" available to make life easier and projects more professional looking- but I do admire and love your artwork!