Saturday, 10 January 2015

Fancy Die Cut Envelopes

After Christmas I decided to treat myself to a couple of new dies  and I have been itching to get in the craftroom to try them out. But my favourite room became the dumping ground for everything I needed to get out of the way over Christmas. So the craft room has been out of bounds for a while. 
 Today was the day I decided to fight my way through the door and and have a go at creating these envelopes.
These would be great for wedding invitations. But I  wouldn't fancy making too many of them.

I have to say the 6x4 envelopes were a cinch to make with my envelope punch board from SU.
The die I used to decorate the flap is a Spellbinder  Gold die.  I think it's called the Envelope Corner Die.
It's Beautiful design and I have been umming and arring  over it for some months now.
I am glad I finally got round to buying it. I think it makes these envelopes look really specially. I would be loathed to throw it out if this arrived through my letter box...... Mind you, Hubby would say I am loathed to throw anything thing out.

As for the black lined envelope,  I'd like to say that was a cinch too  but it wasn't. Everything was  great until I got to the last flap,....... how the hell does one die cut the last flap without squashing the embossing on the two side flaps.
As you can see I did manage it somehow  but there has to be and easier way.
I found the die needs to be near the edge of my Bigshot pro to cut through the flaps cleanly.
but angling the flaps to avoid squashing the  previously cut flaps means the die had to go through the centre of my Bigshot. 
If anyone out there knows of a tutorial for making these without squishing the side flaps Please tell.
Hope you like these.

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