Friday, 28 November 2014

Snow Scene in Purple.

I got bored with blue and wanted to try another colour, so I chose my  favourite shades of purple for this one.  Apart from these colours being  my favourites another reason I chose them is because  I remembered  many years ago all the photo's I took out and about in the snow always had a strong purple hue about them, so it seemed a natural choice.

I used SU's classic ink pads in Concord Crush and Almost Amethyst  both of these  colours have been retired unfortunately. Hopefully one day they will being them out of retirement so I can top up my cardstock and ink refills in these colours.

As you can see I added a moon to this card for some variation.
I also stamped the trees in black rather than green..
The black I ink I used  is from SU again  and it's the CRAFT ink not the classic. 
The ink is a pigment based ink which is much slower to dry  but the black is so much more intense than standard  dye based ink pads.

The instructions for this card are exactly the same as in my previous tutorial apart from adding the moon.

So I will just add a  few instructions for the moon

As in the  tutorial below,  stamp over the white card stock with Versamark clear ink and allow it dry off a little. 
If you don't own a small splatter stamp, try using a versamark pen and drawing dots and small spots over the card stock before you begin inking.

Sponge over the sky area lightly with  light coloured ink. It doesn't matter if your sponging is a little patchy it adds to the effect.

Punch out a circle  from scrap card or heavy paper ( this will be your moon mask ) 
I  strongly recommend you use  a two way glue pen and apply a little  glue to the moon mask and allow it to dry thoroughly. This will prevent your moon mask from moving as you work,  so you should get a nice crisp outline on your finished  moon.

Position your moon mask in the area of the sky where you want your moon to be. 
Position your snow drift mask (see tutorial below this post) over the lower part of your moon mask and hold firmly in place.

Ink up your sponge in the same  light colour as you used for the sky and  begin applying the ink starting in the centre of your moon mask and working outwards and skywards, gently onto your cardstock  around the moon mask and along the snow drift mask.This will create your horizon.

 (DO NOT INK  around the bottom of the moon mask if you want your moon to be partly hidden by the snow drifts.) 

Keep applying ink in the same manner until the colour has built up enough around the edge of the masks to give you a well defined moon. and horizon. 
Carefully remove the moon mask and start sponging your snow drifts. 


Deborah said...

Gosh, Laura - this card & the others below are just fabulous!! You are a true artist. Thanks for sharing how you created this scene; I'll give it a go, though I'm sure it won't be near as realistic as yours!
Thanks again :)

chirs hocken said...

what a beautiful card you have created and thank you for sharing it with the rest of us. you are right about he purple hues it makes a stunning impact.

Crazy Bird said...

Absolutely lovely! Purple was a great choice!

Crazy Bird said...

Lovely card! Purple was a great choice!

Katydid Cards said...

Gosh, this is beautiful. It jumped right off the page on Pinterest which is how I came to be here and, boy, am I glad I visited!

Laura Kimber said...

Awww thank you Katy, it really means a lot to me, when people take the time to comment. Thanks again.