Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Clip art card in a box

I recently asked to make a card in a box for a  one year old, easy peasy I thought.......until I received the brief .
He wanted the card to included something to reflect Irish ancestry, the history of the city the child was born in  and the things the little boy liked. books, music, dance, Tigger and pasta.

My initial thoughts were there is no way in the world I am going to put pasta on a card,  I cannot use Tigger images due to copyright.  Neither do I have rubber stamps for any of the suggested subjects.
Which basically only left me clipart and google images to work with. But it had to be black and white clip art as I wanted to add my own colours.
As the images  are not generally subjects that one would ordinarily put together,  the only way I thought I could get any sort of harmony was to connect them through colour.

I have to admit to being somewhat daunted by  this brief .
I didn't think I could get all these things to amalgamate.

After some thought and many hours searching the internet I managed to find enough copyright free images to do the  job and yes I even managed to find a small black and white image of pasta shapes and a tiger image that looks a lot like Tigger.
Now I was starting to feel  a little more confident and actually starting to enjoy the challenge.

After printing off the collage for the base of the box and images for the medallions,  I hot foiled them with a black foil  one to increase the density of the black outlines and two add a little sheen.

I sponged over the images with inks in three colours.
I picked out a few images to add more colour and coloured them with markers.

I punched out the images for the medallions and inked the edges of each.
Then  adhered them to larger card circles, sandwiching  thin strips of acetate between the layers.
I punched out some glittery hearts for touch sparkle and assembled the card in box.

For instructions on making the box card see previous tutorial.

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