Saturday, 6 September 2014

Wedding Corsages and Buttonholes.

Here is something completely new for me. 
back in July I was asked to make buttonholes and corsages for a wedding that takes place today. 

I have to say I was somewhat apprehensive about making the corsages as I have never made them before.
I admit to being somewhat terrified of ruining a lot of flowers.

So last week  I sat myself down in front of the pc and watched endless videos on corsage making on YOUTUBE, so that I would have some idea what I was to do when I got the flowers.
I learnt how to wire the  individual flowers and assemble them into a corsage. All I had to do then was to put all I had learned into practise.

(Youtube is a fantastic place to go for learning all sorts of crafts.)

Friday I picked the vast array of flowers  after work and set about creating buttonhole flowers and then the dreaded corsages. 

This corsage is a little  bigger than the ones I made for the wedding but it's pretty much the same in design. I don't think it's too bad for my first attempt at this sort of thing. 

The photo's I took  last night were hurried and the lighting was bad so the photos were out of focus.  As I had to deliver the  finished buttonholes and corsages late last night, I really didn't have the time to mess about taking photo's. 

The Buttonholes were obviously much smaller, less fussy and were far simpler to do.  I have to say, I have really enjoyed this challenge.
I hope the end result was liked by the wedding guests.

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