Thursday, 26 June 2014

George the giraffe tutorial

As promised here is a list of the punches I used to create George the giraffe ( affectionately named by my friend Fran)
along with basic assembly instructions. Have to keep this short, I am supposed to be doing dinner.
Hence the fact I didn't use proper colours of card just scraps laying around.

Stampin up's Large oval punch.
1 3/4" circle punch (head) 
1" circle punch (mouth)
3/4" circle  (inside of mouth) and spots
1/4" circle punch  ( eyes, spots and tops of horns)
Stampin up s 5 point flower punch (ears)

hand cut scraps for horns and neck.

You'll need

four black 1/4" circles (for eyes and nostrils)
one  sandy coloured  1  3/4" circle for head
one  large  sandy coloured oval
one 1" inch circle for mouth
one pink 3/4 " circle for inside of mouth
one sandy coloured flower  (you'll only use two of it's petals.)
and a mix of 3/4" and  1/4 " spots for his neck markings. ( as many as you want to put on him.

Hand cut a tapered neck and a pair of thinnish horns.

Now you're ready to  set about making him.

Looks a bit flat here doesn't he.......

So Before you  start sticking him together,
I recommend you  sponge all the edges of the sandy coloured circle, petals, horns neck and ears with a little  ink the same or similar colour, 
 just a tad darker. 

You can also sponge the edges of the brown circles if you wish with a darker ink in the same colour but it's not really necessary.
Once you have inked all the edges you can start assembling him as shown in the photos.

Doesn't he look better for a little inking round his edges.
Here you can see I have scribbled on his nostrils due to lack of time.

On my original George,  I gave him eyelashes , white highlights in his eyes and coated his eyes with a few drops of Crystal effects.

 He is now ready to be  added to your card.
For my background I cut some scalloped shapes in green, Inked the edges in green and randomly Stuck them at the base of my card and had George looking over the top of them.

For the sky I used a scalloped shape as a mask and inked over the edged with a sponge to create the childlike clouds.

I hope you will let me know how you get on if you decided to CASE this one.

And I here is my original card made  about four years ago....... I couldn't bare  to part with him.

I forgot to say he looks great done in grey without the horns,.....  kinda monsterish.  I have done a post on him in grey  somewhere on here... if you have  time take a look.

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