Tuesday, 17 June 2014

6 X 6 Scrapbook pages Zachary's first year.

Okay!  This is something different for my blog bet you never thought you'd see scrapbook pages here.

I really don't have the time for time consuming  projects these days  so it's very rare I do any scrap booking.

But I thought I would share with you  a couple of pages on what's been keeping me busy this last couple of weeks. 

I can't show you all of them for various reason. One of which would be the privacy of the couple and another would be there are an awful lot of pages for one post and I don't want to dominate the whole of my blog with this.

 If you are anything like me you get bored with looking at strangers photos.

My self set task was to create a first year baby album using Stampin up products,  my printer and toner foil. 

I started off well,  then I ran out of suitable stamps and decorations....

So  I failed miserably and ended up adding a few other things that didn't fall into any of those categories.
But on the whole it is mainly S.U products. 

I wanted to start the album cute and baby-ish and grow into something a little  more colourful and mature as he got older If that makes sense. 

So the first few pages were all blues and white, with ribbons, & bows, lace and silver foil. with decorations that fitted the theme of the photos.

 I didn't want to do all the pages to be too  fussy. 
So I did some  quite  simple and plain looking.

Our  little Grandson is just like his father an adrenaline junkie.

He just loves being thrown in the air and caught. I have to confess to being a little scared at times when I see how high he goes.
But as you can see from his face he's loving it.

I also have to remember  how short I am  so  most things look high to me.

 Baby boy was left with daddy for the day while Mummy went to work. So Daddy brought baby to see Grandma.... on the back of his bike.

I am glad to say Baby boy has now got a safety helmet for his journeys on daddys bike.
This open zipper page was fun to create. 
I had no idea how this was going to turn out,  it was just a wacky idea that sprung to mind that I thought I'd try, I am actually quite pleased with the way it turned out.
I honestly thought it would end up in the bin rather than in my mini  album. 

I started by  sticking the zipper  on a sheet of red a4 paper and spreading it out as far as it would go without it distorting the  zipper peel of was not  long enough on it's own so I had to extended it with the extension pieces that came on the sheet of peel offs.
Then I cut out the section between the  zippers teeth added the  zipper pull.  cut a small  piece of card to make the pocket and pricking the edges to give the impression of stitching.

I sponged on some streaks of ink to create the look of folds in the fabric and  stuck the front of the pocket on to a denim   6x6 scrapbook paper. I stamped and punched some tickets to go in the pocket.  printed off the title  on my lazer printer and hot foiled it in blue foil. I made a small concertina book   to go inside the pocket added photos of the family day out  with  labels,  rub ons  and quotes.

On this page you can see I used a retired children stamp set   stamps to create the background paper. I can't remember what it's call now I think it may be Forest friends.

As well as noticing this gorgeous little little boy struggled so hard to walk to me. He made it and he was so pleased to reach me.

I don't very often use my colour coach  but for this page I thought I would.
It turned out better than I expected.

The last page in this post was of my two grandchildren together. 
They thought the dogs bed made a great sofa.
I used stronger colour for this page combined with the dsp from S.U. That awful  little bow shouldn't be on this page so that's coming off.

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