Friday, 25 April 2014

Tri fold card.

I was recently impressed by a card I saw on face book made by a lady called Linda Parker who funnily enough doesn't live a million miles away from me. 

 After a nice long chat on Facebook with Linda I told her I wanted to CASE her card and she told me to go a head. So Studied her card for a few moments then went to my craft room and made the card as I had remembered it. 

When I had finished I went back to Linda's card to compare with mine.

Ummm  it's very  close, but not that close.
 I forgot Linda had put loads of butterflies on hers , I forgot the colours of the layers,  the brads and I think she may even of had ribbon and a different sentiment  on hers.

In fact I think the only things I remembered well were the stamps and inks she had used .
So I ended up with a card very similar but not exactly the same.

I think this card stood out for me because it is my favourite stamp set from Stampin up and it's called stippled blossoms and it's a two step stamp set and I adore the two step stamps.  I also  loved the colour combination Linda used. 
I think I still prefer Linda's card.

 And Linda if you are reading this THANKS for letting me CASE your card.


Linda Parker said...

Lo and behold - I only saw this today !! Wow Laura you did a fine job there. I loved making that card and really miss my Stippled Blossoms. I think I may have to visit Ebay to see if I can find them. Should never have sold them :(

Laura Kimber said...

The stippled blossoms stamp set is one set of stamps I will never sell....I use it too often to let it go. I must say Linda I was very surprised when I saw you were selling your set.