Monday, 14 April 2014

Pot Of Roses

 My latest creation was inspired by a lady who goes by the name Ruby Tuesday on Facebook I think she is in Germany but wouldn't swear to that as I don't read German.

This was created using the new Spiral flower die from Stampin' Up! and gluing the roses to a large  polystyrene ball which I glued to the inside of a small terracotta flower pot.

I personally think the pot could do with being a little bit smaller so the ball sits higher in the pot, but this was the smallest pot I could get. 
I will be keeping a sharp eye out for smaller clay pots from now on.
I'll also be looking for slightly  bigger polystyrene balls too as that could also be a remedy.


Eileen said...

What color of people did you use and what size of pot as I am going to try and make one, this is gorgeous!!

Eileen said...

What color of paper is this, so saffron? What size of pot did you use as this is lovely as I want to try and make one. Thanks for sharing!!!

Laura Kimber said...

Hi Eileen, It was very vanilla card stock and the pot I think was about four inches across the top and stood about five inches tall.
Have fun with this making all those roses can be a a little tedious after the first ten lol I think I used about twentyfive of them. The amount you need will vary depending on how tight you roll them. Many thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.