Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Paper Gerberas

Today I resurrected  the daisy die  I bought some years a go  from Stampin up! I have only used it  twice to make brooches from tin cans. (This die has now been retired.)
It was nice to make something a little more colourful with it this time.

Brief instructions as I don't think you will need detailed instructions for these.
 Cut two large and two medium size daisies in the colour of your choice.

 Then cut three smaller daisies for the centre two  in a one  colour and  the third in  another colour.

Here I have used a mix of  two white to one yellow  on one flower,  then two yellow to one white. 

The purple flower I used two white to one pink.

 I layered up and stuck  all the petals together and gently  curved  the two large sets of petals downward with a bone folder and the small petals curved  upwards. 

I also  covered the hole in the centre of the flower with a
1" card circle  punched from green card stock and stuck to the under side of the flower.

For the centre of the flower, I punched a small circle placed it on some firm foam and rolled a large ball tool  round and round until the circle started to form a slight dome. 
 I covered  it in crystal effects and  then smothered it in glitter and left it to dry for a few hours. 
Once dry  I stuck a piece of thick double sided sticky foam in the centre of the flower and placed the glittery centre piece over it.

The stems of the flowers are kebab sticks wound tightly in  old olive  card.
Before winding the card around the sticks I curled them over and over again in all directions until the card started to peel. 
 I peeled the layers apart so I had two thin strip of card to with a little glue I would  the strips around the sticks. 

I poked  a small  hole in the  back of the flower head with  a very sharp paper pricker added a little glue and pushed the  pointed end of the kebab stick into the hole at a slight angle and allowed to dry.

The leaves were cut  by hand with scissors. Lucky for me I had a Gerbera plant sitting on the window sill so I had a reference point for the shape of the leaves. I think my leaves are a little bit broader than on the actual plant. I drew the veins in with a fine ball tool and sponged the edges and attached them to the stems. The final step was add a few drops of crystal effects  to give the appearance of water droplets on the leaves and allowed to dry. 


Pat Robinson said...

Gorgeous bouquet...love everything about it...

Laura Kimber said...

Aww thank you Pat, hope you will try this one.

meg m said...

Absolutely love. I must make these now. Thanks for sharing how you designed these.