Saturday, 26 April 2014


No picture today. Just want to say had terrible experience the other night and thought I had lost the vast majority of my blog. 
Being a bit , No, ...  a lot technophobic I went into panic mode and then spent the next six hours trying sort things out.
Initially everything I tried just made matters worse, but then a miracle happened......
I have absolutely no idea what I did to get the contents back but whatever it was has also sorted out several other issues that have been wrong with my blog for the last couple years that I have been unable to correct. 

One of which was many people said they couldn't leave a comment  and I certainly couldn't reply to comments, but all that seems to be resolved.... for now anyway.
I am so excited about this now I can Thank you for your positive and encouraging comments and say I can now answer those questions  you may have.  I'm  saying that quietly just in case it hears me and goes wrong again. 

Whoop Whoop!!!

Laura x


Skyp said...

I know you posted this a while back Laura, but I have previously tried to leave comments on your wonderful diverse 'Kreative' website.
Thanks for sharing your many ideas,
South Australia

Laura Kimber said...

Arh Bless you Lyn that is so kind of you. Thank you so much for your comment,It really makes me smile when I get such a nice comment.