Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Baby Mobile

This project has caused me no end of problems this evening just trying to photograph it.
Low light conditions in doors caused all the photos to come out yellow or green and using flash created so many shadows they distracted from the mobile.
I had to resort to taking it out into the garden and photographing it outside, 
but by time I decided to take it outside the light was fading there too.

The true colour of this should be Stampin' up's Pool Party.
I used all the patterns the DSP  stack in Pool Party along with the silver glimmer paper. Unfortunately this does not show up very well in this photo.
The Moons and Stars were punched out  of each paper/card using S.U punches and then glued  back to back sandwiching the silver thread through the centre line on each star/moon.
The top of the mobile was created by cutting 5  of the petal cone favour boxes and gluing them together to form a circle.
 I cut triangles  slightly smaller than the triangles of the petal cone die in the polka dot DSP  and glued them  round the inside edge of the mobile top. 
I  threaded a loop of wire through the centre  for hanging.
 Then set about sticking the strings a of stars and moons to the outer edge of the top and two strings from the centre.

Hopefully  I have managed to upload this small video clip of the mobile in motion.

Success at last . I have managed to get a clearer picture for you

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