Thursday, 2 January 2014

stampin' up clear box labels, quick tip.

I think I spend more time looking the stamp set I want to use than actually using it. 
This is partly because I find it very difficult to read the labels on the side of the old style  boxes. Of course you won't need to do this with the new video style boxes the stamps come in now as the names are much clearer.

As you can see in this photo the stamp set labels are not easy to read so I tend to pull each set out to see if it's the one I want.

Then I had an idea that I think is worth sharing. 
I was intending to stick white sticky labels on the inside of the boxes  to make the names stand out a little more,  I couldn't find the labels  but I did find a reel of white electrical tape.

It occurred to me that this was just the right width, so I wouldn't have to cut the sticky labels down to the right width and I could cut lengths the width of the boxes, By doing this it meant the tape  also highlights  the quantity of stamps in the set too.

Being pvc tape it shouldn't absorb as much ink as the paper labels , which means it should stay cleaner longer.
When it does become ink stained it  will  be easier to remove than paper labels.
 So I set about sticking strips on the inside  edge of all my stamp sets.  

You have to agree these are so much easier to read than in the first photo and all for just a few pence and quite a bit of time, but hopefully this will save me time and eye strain  in the long run.
If I want even bigger  labels  I could  hand write the names on the box with a Sharpie  pen and stick the tape behind the name.
Hope you find this a useful tip.
Click on the photos for larger image.

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