Tuesday, 7 January 2014

New Guest Artist

Several months ago I invited a colleague  over to have a go at card making.
Initially I got the impression she was coming out of politeness and a little out of curiosity.

Since that evening we  have spent a couple of evenings together, evenings that have consisted of me babbling away  about all the different techniques  that can be used to create different effects,  all the tools and products available and how they can and cannot  be used.  Of course it wouldn't be much fun just talking about it.  To make it fun you need to play, so I shared my toys and we played for hours.
I think she has the bug now !

A little before Christmas I said to Hubby that  Sue was making us a Christmas card. 
After a little thought he said "is that the lady that came round a  couple of months ago  that's just started  card making.?"
 I said "yes"  
He said  "Well, that's gonna be crap then.

 Sometime between Christmas and New year I sat looking at all the Christmas cards we had received and  my eyes were constantly being drawn one particular handmade card.

Remembering Hubby's  pre Christmas comment,  I asked him to look at all our cards and choose his favourite.
He chose the same card as I had,  as his favourite...............

Guess what!!!..... It was this card created by Sue.    I think somebody had to eat his words.

I told Sue this story this morning,  fortunately this lovely lady has a sense of humour as well as being very creative and found the story quite amusing and she has only threatened to poke Hubby's eyes in next time she see s him. 
If you ask me. he's got off lightly. :->

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