Sunday, 17 November 2013

Envelope Punch Board Cracker.

 Another project for the envelope punch board   which is the latest gadget from Stampin ' Up! is to make crackers. 
I saw this on on an Australian Demonstrators website.  Tanya has a tutorial you can download free of charge for this project. Unfortunately for me  the tutorial  wouldn't download, so I ended up  figuring it out for myself. You may have better luck .

I will leave details of her website at the end of this post so you can view it for yourself.  I don't know how or if her tutorial differs from mine. But for now here's how I made it.
 I used a piece of card stock 8 1/4"  X  6 1/2".  I  having been using whisper white card and the DSP to make these  crackers as I am  not sure if the punch could cope with two thickness of the plain coloured card which is thicker. I am a coward and really don't want to try it just in case I ruin my punch board.

I scored  the card length ways at 1  1/2"  intervals    which leaves you with a  1/2" strip  which is the Flap for the adhesive  Fold  all the score lines.
I folded the card to the first score line and placed the folded edge in the punch lined up to the 2" mark on the rule and punched .
I then opened it up an folded to the second score line and punched  again. I repeated this process until I had punched on every score line and on the edges of the cracker.

Then turned the card round and repeated the whole punching process again until both side matched. 

Taking the cracker back to the score board I scored a line each side of the the punched holes.
Then folded the inside line in towards the centre of the cracker and the outside score line back. ( see the photo) This will help the cracker to keep it's square shape when you tie the ribbons round.

If you intend to stamp your cracker now would be a really good time to do it, While the card stock is relatively flat.

 Here I have used to the Holly wheel wheel stamp to decorate this cracker, then added  red glitter glue over the berries.

One the glitter glue is dry, I will stick the edges together and tie ribbon around the punched lines which will draw the card in to give the cracker it's shape.

These two crackers are now ready for  the finishing touches.
As promised  here is the info to find Tanya's blog

Tanya Bell's Blog Australia 

Tanya has made loads of other amazing things and a visit to her blog is well worth the time.  
Go see for yourself.

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