Sunday, 17 November 2013

A quick look at the new Envelope Punch Board

At long last somebody has come up with a foolproof envelope board.  Yay!!

This is a must have item.

I have  a basic envelope board,  I bought many years ago, but I lost the instructions so I have never been happy using it. 
 I always managed to score the wrong lines. Sometimes even with the instructions.
So I was delighted  when I saw that SU were bringing out this Gadget..... I LOVE IT!

 I was expecting it  to retail  around  the £25  mark.
 So when I saw it was only £17.95 I  just had to buy it.
It makes,  making envelopes a cinch.

You get a paper version of the instructions in the box with the board, but what I love is that the instructions are also ON  the board, so if you do lose the paper instructions  you can still use your board successfully.

It tells you what size to cut your paper  for each size envelope and which measurement you need to score for the size of envelope you want.
                                                                              You only need to measure where to put the first score line and punch out the corner, then you just turn your paper  round and line up your first score line with the little finger on the punch and score your next line and punch again.
 You do the same on all four sides and fold and stick  ... and that's it.   SO EASY.

If you want a rounded  tips on the flaps you   put the tips of your envelope into the other side of the punch and just punch .

Nothing could be simpler.

This board even comes with a scoring tool that is neatly hidden away in it's own little slot under the board. You can see this on the right of this photo.

Envelopes are  not the only thing you can make with this board.

 It's only been available  a few weeks and already there are some very clever ladies out there making other things with it.

I haven't chance to have a proper play yet.
 I have been very busy making wedding invitations, but  now they are complete,   so maybe I'll get the chance to play,  once I have cleaned up the mess and made some space.

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