Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Pretty Origami Box

Remember the origami basket tutorial I posted sometime ago. Well this pretty box is made in pretty much the same way until you get to the almost the end. when you have to fold down the handles as well  as the sides, and this has  a lid rather than a handle.
If I can find some time I will make another video tutorial on the making of this box.

This was made from a 12x12 sheet of DSP from SU. I think the colour is River Rock. It's not a colour I liked very much but I have to say I think it  looks great made into this box.
To make this box you will need two sheets of 12x12 paper and one sheet of co ordinating card stock.
 Some narrow  lace and decorations of your choice and a hot glue gun.
I have been suffering with a dreadful cold for the last few days and lacked  the patience to make the flowers myself. So I chose to use  a few of the flowers I  purchased  some years ago but never got round to using. 

You can just about see that  the bottom of the box has a reinforcing panel inside. As most the fold lines go through centre of the  sheet of card the base  can end up weakened. So the panel has been added for extra strength.
The side triangular panel decorations were made by punching a small hole through gold card, 
Then taking a slightly larger punch and lining it up over the  smaller hole you have just punched and punch again . This gives you the gold frame. 

With the larger of the two punches cut out  another circle in  your decorative paper, over stamp if you wish. I used the floral stamps from the Tiny Tags set of stamps.   When the ink was dry I then run a thin line of adhesive on the outer rim of the decorative paper , ( I used the two way glue pen.) line up your gold circle frame over the decorative paper and press firmly until  stuck.
The leaves were cut  using an assortment of punches and dies and  the edges were sponged to give  a little more depth to the creation.

In my last photo you can see the under side of the lid.
 this was made by making a small shallow box the same size as the aperture in the  top of the base. Which in this case  was 8 1/2 cm  square.  So I cut a square   11 1/2 cm  X 11 1/2 cm scored all the way around the card at 1   1/2 cms  and made the box this was then glued in to the centre of the decorative panels. The First/ Bottom  layer measured 12 x 12 cms.
The next layer was 1/2 a cms less at 11 1/2 cms
The next layer was 2 cm less  at 9 1/2 cms
and the last layer being 1/2 cm less  at 9 cms .
You  don't have to use these precise measurement because  they don't really matter,  you do whatever sizes  you like. 

Now for the filling....ummm  my friend Angie says  fill it with chocolates and use it as the centre piece of the table with coffee after a meal. Sounds like a wonderful idea to me.

But I think this one is nice enough for a wedding gift and I know just the person to receive it. Just need to find a  suitable wedding gift to fit in it.

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