Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Glimmer Paper from Stampin' Up! My review.

I had no intention of buying Stamping Up s glimmer paper when it first came out.
But then I got sent a couple of sheets free of charge.
 I shoved in my paper stack without really looking at it and forgot about it. I am not really a big fan of glitter papers.
But A couple of weeks ago  I was looking for some pretty paper to cover the pages of this mini album when I stumbled across it .
I threw it on my work bench along with all the other papers that might be suitable  for this project.

The sun was shining through my craft room window onto my work bench and the glimmer paper laying on the top of the pile.
The sparkle s coming from the glimmer paper really caught my eye. Diamond fragments sprung to mind and sparkly jewellery. 
I  thought  this is no ordinary glitter paper and I felt compelled to dragged out a few sheets of glitter paper bought from a craft shop somewhere I can't remember . 
Wow .... I was impressed  there was no comparison this Stampin' Up glimmer paper is very impressive,  I love the fact it is a very pale silvery white and the glitter doesn't come off on your hands while working with it.
So I thought I'd try die cutting it... it can't be perfect..... can it?
Well,  to my surprise It die cuts well,  (as you can see from the letters I have cut here). 
So I have been converted.   I am now a fan of glimmer paper. The Stampin' Up kind that is.

I am afraid  it doesn't show up well in photo s and  this photo certainly doesn't do it justice.  You have to hold it in your hands to appreciate this stuff.

As for the Mini album..... That's incomplete at the moment but I will be sharing the pages when I have completed them.

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