Sunday, 14 July 2013

Our New Grandson.

 Little Zachary caught us by surprise by arriving nine days early.
He arrived on the 10th June at 8.17 am. We got a phone call at 5.00 am to say Emma was in labour and could we take (5 year old ) Ellie to school.
 Ellie was dropped off while on route to the hospital.

Sometime  later I received a text message saying  the birth would have to be a  C section but no reason why. . After I relayed the message on to hubby.
Ellie was looking rather perplexed  and asked " Grandma,  what's a C section?"   After  having  explained it to her.   She  responded  with....... "Ewwww,  Disgusting, why doesn't she just push it out."   Bless her.
This will have to go in my book of Ellie quotes.

Here is  Zachary just three days old with proud Mummy and Daddy.

Mummy does the feeding but Daddy has to do the winding. Zach doesn't like to part with his wind so this can take some time.
The peace...... before the nappy change, he hates having his nappy changed and it gets a bit noisy.

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