Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Kam Snaps

Here I go again raving about the ease and simplicity of the Kam snaps.
They are turning out to be perfect for the job I bought them for.
 Which was for doll clothes and baby clothes.
I ordered a selection of colours and I have not been disappointed with my choices.You may remember I  wasn't too happy with the colours that came with the pliers but funnily enough the cheap, nasty red colour snaps were perfect for the outfit below.
Here is a colour chart I found online so you can see the range of colours.
 (I used the gorgeous Periwinkle snaps on this little number.)

My favourite colours so far are the periwinkle, chocolate, apple green B44, teal B29, dark red B54  and seafoam B19. There are a few more colours I would like to get later on like the Taupe, rust, and grey.                             

 Another use we found was on the flaps of  Hubby's hat. They had been stitched up and he wanted the option to use them. So I unpicked the stitching and replaced it with snaps in a matter of five minutes. they are so easy and with the range of colours available you can find one to go with almost any fabric. 

Here they are in use on this all in one dolls outfit.                  
They stand out like a sore thumb in this  photo but when done up, they are hardly noticeable on this busy fabric.

 I have two pairs of pliers,   a cheapy pair hubby ordered from China which I was a little disappointed with as the build quality  isn't brilliant, they rattle and squeak and feel cheap and nasty, BUT they do the job perfectly.           My second pair  are a much nicer quality and they are silent,   BUT they are more difficult to use, I have found they crush the resin prong too much to one side, which stops the snap from snapping shut properly.
The snaps come in different sizes and the pliers come with the attachments for the different size snap caps, but  it's time consuming changing them over, so I have one pair set up for T16 and the other for T20,  although I am finding I can set the T20 snaps using the cheapy pliers and the attachment for setting  the T16  without a problem.


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