Tuesday, 15 January 2013

3rd Anniversary and Last

This month I saw my 3rd anniversary as  a Stampin up demonstrator. I am sorry to say this will probably be my last anniversary.
The current economic climate has taken it's toll on so many people and made it  impossible for me to continue.
 So many people I know have been hit so hard by the downward spiralling economy, including myself. As much as  I love the stampin up products,   I can't keep on buying  products just to reach my quarterly figures. Dear hubby as patient and as understanding  as he is of my addiction, would have a fit if I did.
So unless a miracle happens this will be my last year on the SU demo list.

I will  continue to post cards and other items I make as and when I make them.
I have to say I have been busy making doll's clothes for my Grand daughter and have really enjoyed getting back into sewing.  I also  have another Grandchild on the way.
I think it's a good time for me to take a small break from the paper crafts and start using up all the boxes of fabric lurking in the loft and around the house, hidden away in treasure chests and ottomans,  a few boxes hide  beneath my craftroom work bench and few more plastic boxes of fabric hide in the shed. Not to mention a cloakroom size cupboard that is stuffed full of fabrics.
I feel the need to make a teddy bear and try my hand at quilting.

 Ooops, I just told hubby the answer to all those "what's in there" questions that I just answer with a  "you don't want to know" and bless him,  he leaves it at that.

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Lelly Jelly said...

Oh Laura, what a shame!Have been following your blog since this past year (signed up October 2011). Enjoy your break, perhaps you'll sign up again sometime - Kit during SAB is great value! LOL! Best wishes whatever you decide to do.