Monday, 17 December 2012

Doll's Pram Bedding

 having just bought a dolls pram for my Grandaughter it seemed only right to make some bedding for it.
I wanted the lace to be seen on this quilt. Many quilts  have the frill stitched into the seam.
 I can't see the point in this as when the doll or baby is tucked in you don't get to see the frill at all.
This quilt tucks in nicely and and the frill sits beautifully on  the top for all to see.
I was quite amazed at how well this came out considering I haven't done very much sewing in the last 5 years and the fact I was making it up as I went along meant I had nt got a clue what I was doing.

I also decided to make a mattress,   a couple of fitted sheets, a top sheet and pillow , which I also embroidered,  to match the quilt .
I also made a couple of  fleece blanket s trimmed with ribbon and lace. Here is the pink one.

I do hope Ellie will like this bundle of bedding along with the pram.

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