Sunday, 21 October 2012

Magnetic note pads.

Here are some note pads that have had  a Laura make over.
I  recovered these note pads sometime ago but I forgot to post them.

These are magnetic note pads that are  ideal for keeping on the fridge.
I have had one on my fridge for several months now and it  stays on there brilliantly. 

(I do like  to do a test run on anything I think maybe a seller. 
I would hate to recommend something  to sell knowing that it wasn't  fit for the purpose.)

After decorating the front of the pads with designer paper and a stamped image.
I used A4 magnetic  sheets  and  cut them into strips two and half inch wide by the length of the note pad. You maybe  thinking this amount of magnetic sheet is a little excessive  but  I tried  magnetic tape and then I tried few strips of the sheets but  it just wasn't strong enough to hold the note pad to the fridge door ...well, not for long. 
  Everytime I opened the door  the note pad fell off. Besides not doing what it was supposed to do it looked ugly and untidy with lots of strips of tape on the back. Which is why I chose to use  a much larger piece of magnetic sheet on the back of the pad. Not only does it look  tidier,  it works better.

The labels on these note pads  I made on the pc and printed off and punched out.

These note pads would  be a great item to sell at school fayres.

The shopping list pads fit perfectly into the tall DL  card bags too, so presentation is a synch.

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