Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Washer Necklace

Morning Crafters, This idea was featured in an SU  publication and I have been experimenting with it . I have tried two different ways of creating this washer necklace.
This one was created by covering the washer with versamark ink and white embossing powder and heating until the powder had melted and cooled down.
 Using a sponge dauber  and Stazon  Saddle brown ink,  I covered the entire surface with ink ,  while the ink was still wet , I very, very lightly daubed  a couple patches of  Stazon Timber brown ink and allowed it to dry completely. 
I chose Stazon ink because it does what it says on the can... It  STAYZ ON .  The last thing I wanted to happen was for my inks to run when I added the crystal effects.
 If you don't like the effect you have created you can always clean off the ink with Stazon cleaner and start again.
I  added a  very delicate gold corner peel off  and stuck it to one side of the washer and trimmed back the excess.
Using  the dark brown Stazon, I stamped a couple of flourishes on opposite side to the peel off and allowed the ink to dry.

Then I covered the whole thing in a thick layer of Crystal effects and allowed it to dry over night on a completely level surface. This is very important as the liquid will run to the lower side if your surface is not completely level.
When completely dry,  I looped the cord through the washer and added a lobster claw fastener  onto the ends  of the cord.

The second version was done by punching out a circle from glossy paper  the same size as the washer  and punching a second hole in the centre  (the same size as the hole in the washer)  glue the paper onto the washer and repeating the process of  daubing, stamping and adding the peel off and crystal effects.  (as above).                                                       
I have to say the easiest option was the paper. But it doesn't cover the edges of the washer as the embossing powder did,  so you can still see the metal edges of the washer.    If  I do this version again,  I think I would paint the washer  edges  first.                                              I have also done a couple of these using patterned paper rather than  daubing and stamping white paper.  Which is far easier and quicker . Instead of using a peel off   I used tiny gem stones but I added them too soon to the crystal effects and they sunk into it,  so they no longer sparkle.  Hence I have not photographed them.   Next time, I think I'll wait until the crystal effects has almost dried before adding them. ........Ahh,  We live and learn.
Well I think I have covered everything.... I hope I haven't made too many mistakes on this post. If any thing is unclear feel free to send me your questions I'll be more than happy to answer.
Laura X

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