Sunday, 26 August 2012

Stamping on Icing Experiment.

Once every five years or so I  get a crazy notion in my head  to make a birthday cake for somebody..... I am not the greatest cook in the world  by a long chalk. So my cakes are usually ummm......interesting.   hee hee.
I am always trying to come up with  easy idea s for decorating cake s that will impress with the minimum of work.
 Yesterday I had a wacky idea to stamp the icing to save me the effort of piping. This morning I selected the stamp I thought might work best  gave it a good clean brushed it over with icing sugar  to prevent it clogging up with icing and had a play.  It doesn't look to bad. In the photo  you can see I have brushes some icing sugar into the  pattern to high light it. Not sure how long it will remain visible before the moisture from the icing makes it disappear. Not sure if I am going to use this idea on the cake I am in the process of making. But if I do I will post a photo showing you the result.
Here  I have taken it a step further,  I stamped in colour. I made a make shift ink pad from a square of kitchen roll.  Then mixed food colouring paste and  a pinch of icing sugar with a little vodka until it resembled a syrup then painted the kitchen roll with the mix.                                                            Having stamped the image I dusted it lightly with icing sugar, to absorb the excess food colouring and help prevent any colour bleeding that may occur. I brushed off the icing sugar and this was the result.  Not as too bad for wacky idea. It can be a bit hit and miss and requires practice to get a good result.

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