Friday, 24 August 2012

Dying Feathers

Here's a little tip for when you can't find feathers in the colour you want.
Dye them. Sometime ago  I had difficulty find  the right colour feathers to decorate wedding favours. So I bought white ones and thought I would try dying them. After trying several different products and  failing miserably, I gave up.
 But recently I bought some alcohol inks and decided to experiment  with them on the feathers.
Hey Presto!... it worked much to my surprise.
All it took was a few drops of ink on a small piece of cloth which I then stroked over the feather following the grain to speak.
You will need to do the underside too, to produce a more even colour.

The brown one looks a bit blotchy as I decided to try adding a drop of ink directly to the feather .... just to see what happened.....big mistake. You get a far better result just stroking the inked sponge/cloth  over the the feather adding a drop more ink to your cloth when you need too.
Hope you find this tip useful.

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