Friday, 24 August 2012

Dress Card

 I  woke this morning with a stiff neck and a stinking headache, which was probably the result of spending so much time working on this card. It's for a very special young lady who is my eldest son partners . She does have a passion for fashion  so I hope she likes it.
To make this card, I cut out the dress shape  twice in black card. I then cut about an inch and a half  of the fish tail off  of one of dresses and applied versamark ink  and heat and stick powder all over the top part of the dress. I heated the powder until it began to melt (DO NOT OVER HEAT) then I applied  black glitter and pressed it down into the heat and stick .  You can  used a xyron to apply the glue if you prefer. 
I then added some crystals along the top edge of the dress.

Taking the second dress shape, I cut off the  bottom 2" of the  fish tail and discarded the top part of the dress.
Using some soft, limp lace fabric,  (about 1 1/2" wide and 6 - 8" long )  I ran a line of  small gathering stitches very close to the edge of the fabric and pulled the thread up to gather the lace until it was approximately an inch wider than the card fish tail.
I put a strip of double sided tape across the card fish tail  half an inch down from the top edge to hold the gathered lace edge.
Lining up the bottom edge of the lace with the bottom edge of the card fish tail I pressed the gathered lace edge onto the the double sided tape (arranging the lace as I went along. ) leaving about half an inch of card above the lace.  ( This is to join the two parts of the dress together later.)
 I  folded  the  ends of lace to the back of the fish tail and held them in place with double sided tape.
Apply a little glue  across the width of the card fishtail  ( the bit  that's above your gathered lace)  and place the  glittered  part of the dress on top,  butting up the bottom edge of the dress to the top edge of the lace.
I ran   a very thin line of crystal effects  across the the lace where it meets the glitter and sprinkled with more black glitter. I then layed a kebab stick over the lace gathers and pressed it down to flatten the lace join .
My lace looked a little too matt against the all the sparkle of the glitter so I lightly brushed some crystal effects over the lace with a stiff paint brush and applied  more black glitter.
The last thing was to gather a small length of ribbon to form the flower and stick a diamonte in the centre.

Now you maybe asking why didn't I just use edging lace and and just stick over one  of the dress shapes........ My answer ....edging lace usually has a slightly thicker edges,  which adds bulk and makes it more springy therefore  making it more difficult to stick down.
Joining the two pieces of card at the fish tail created a a slight step in the card which means I have a join between the lace and the card  that is flush and there is no bulk . I have  a stronge dislike for cards with fabric on that look bulky and out of control.
The handbag was made using  a tag punch, 2 circle punches  , and an oval punch from SU.
The crown was created by stamping a crown in versamark ink and heat  embossing in black and apply tiny dots of crystal effects over the embossing and applying black glitter.

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