Friday, 10 August 2012

Burnt Edge Flowers

I was so looking forward to the summer holidays this year. Six whole weeks to go through the house doing a summer clean and clear out. All was going well until I fell down the stairs and injured my ankle and the big toe on the other foot.
 I didn't bother going to hospital as I could still walk .
 The next day however, my ankle had swollen so much the skin started peeling off, so off to hospital I went. I came home with crutches and a dazzling white plaster cast on my leg/foot. No more cleaning and clearing out for me for a while.... (I guess that's the house saying it doesn't want me to get rid of too much Alan!!!! Sorry Darling.
I was feeling angry with myself for having had such a stupid accident. Anger is not good for my creative mojo, combined with crutches and a plaster has meant crafting has been the last thing on my mind.
The plaster came off the day before my birthday  in favour of a sexy black  inflatable ski boot. YAY!!!! I can walk without crutches.  My whole attitude has changed . Okay, so I can't run a marathon but then I couldn't before the plaster/ boot went on. lol  But I can walk round the house comfortably now. Which is an awful  lot easier than hopping and dodging the dogs on crutches.
Today I decided to get back in the craft room.
Here are the  flowers I created using the  largest  flower on the fun flowers die. I cut 6 flowers at a time from  dusky pink dress lining fabric and  about 8 from the brown organza.  I cut 2  of the small flowers from each  fabric using the  smaller flower on the same die. These smaller flowers I used as the centre petals.
Moving to  the kitchen.... as I don't want to start a fire in the craftroom.  I lit a candle and proceeded to hold each flower over the flame just long enough  to melt and slightly curl  the edges of each petal.
Once all the petals were burnt I layered them up and  and ran a just a  few stitched through the centre of the whole stack and secured the stitches at the base. Using a hot glue gun I placed a small dot of hot glue in the centre of each flower and added the pearl and diamonte button.

I have something in mind for these flowers, but can't say too much about just yet.
Hope you like these.

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