Monday, 11 June 2012

Tea caddy/Copic marker storage

 I am always looking for good storage  containers. A little while ago I came across this tea caddy  in Lidls.  I thought it would be idea for my Copic markers.                         I know you can buy purpose built copic marker racks but they seem to be rather expensive if you don't have or don't intend to collect the whole range of pens.  
I don't have a huge collection of them but I do have  to many too fit in a standard pencil case and finding the colour you want in a pencil case  is never easy,  the one you want is  always the last one you come across.

There are only five compartments in this caddy so I figured  I could get away with keeping two or three colours in each  section. yellow/ peach and orange in one section, pinks reds and burgundys in another and so on.   On the whole it seems to working for me so far.  Although occassionally I do tend mix them up a bit.

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