Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sharon's little monkey

I have to share this little guy with you. He was sent to me  from Sharon. I thought he was gorgeous and he certainly made me smile when I opened the envelope. Which was Sharon s intention.
I haven't as yet  had a go making him myself as I found I didn't have all the punches needed. But that issue has now been rectified,  I just need to find the time. Half term has been extremely busy for me Sorting out my craft room turned into a mammoth job which has taken me the best part of the week.  I had this idea  that if I moved some  the furniture around  I would have more floor space and easier access to my craft room.......Having moved several large pieces of furniture and many plastic boxes I found I had boxed myself in and couldn't open the door enough to get out.  Now being stuck in my craft room  is not far off my idea of heaven,  the trouble is one needs to eat and use the bathroom from time to time and of course,  one needs to go work to pay for all the new craft stuff that you just can't live without.
Fortunately Hubby was off work that particular day and realizing my plight, he took the door off the hinges  so I didn't have to move everything back to get out..... Bless him.   He has re hung some cupboards  for me so I don't feel so claustrophobic .   I do have a little more floor space...... Gosh ! I may even be able to get two people in there now hee hee.
I still have a few cupboards to sort through and tidy but I am getting there, which is why I haven't done any crafting for a while.
I treated Hubby to  trip to the Cadbury's  World  (chocolate factory)  for his help. He is a bigger chocoholic than  most of the women I know so he enjoyed that.

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