Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Bead Bracelet

Wow! what a busy but fun morning I have had .       It started with doing a beading class at Bead Base.  This is the bracelet I made. Believe it or not this bracelet  is a beginners class.                                        I would never have believed it the first time I saw this bracelet. So I just had to sign up for a class The colours  are not quite right in these photos.                The outside glass  pearls  are  a darker coffee colour than the central glass  pearls and the crystals running up either side and through the middle are blackcurrant not blue as they appear here.     It was  a relatively easy project to do and took about two and half hours to complete.  I was so  pleased with this  that I bought a few more beads and  things to have a go at home as I had lots of copper seed beads left over.                

And here is the one I made when I got home. I didn't even have to refer to the instruction sheet.

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