Saturday, 31 March 2012

Stamp a ma jig Tutorial

This was  a fun video to make.  But my  battery died before I had the time to  say the imaging sheet  comes with a blue sticker in the centre.
 I  strongly recommend that you leave this sticker on the sheet. You very rarely need to use the centre of the sheet for positioning your stamp. So it doesn't affect your work.  What it does do however,  is helps you find it.
Being an opaque  plastic square it is hard to see, especially if your work space is as messy as mine. I have spent many hours trying to find this sheet during and after a crafting session. (I have a tendency to use the it and  put it down rather than put it back in it's box)   When looking for it now I  look for the blue sticker rather than a opaque plastic square.

 One last thing I am curious to know why I sound like I have a lisp on this video, I didn't have one before on the original  recording, Perhaps you get a free lisp with every video uploaded on blogspot. lol

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