Thursday, 9 February 2012

Teneale's card.

Today I have three cards which I have to say I CASED the first is one  I  am showing you  was I found on the VERY, VERY talented Teneale Williams website. I am a great fan of Teneale s work, she manages to come up with some fantastic and romantic designs and shares them with likes of us plebs, ( sorry  folks I mean, the NOT so talented). Not only are her designs beautiful, they are extremely well  made. To put it  in the words of my husband " the build quality is excellent". he hee. I adore her work as you can probably tell.
The card above is as close as I could get to her design. She used a scalloped edged  heart and a ribbon banner  greeting. Not having these things I had to adapt.  I copied Teneales card after I had made the card below.  An  interesting experiment try is what I did here. I had seen  Teneale's card fallen in love with it, studied it and then went to bed. The next day I tried to make the same card without referring to the original. The card below is the result. As you can see I missed a lot of the detail in the original card. But I still like this. Then I went back and copied the original as best I could.  I recommend that you try this, You'll end up with a card that is your own rather than a copy of somebody elses.

The background was created by inking up the inside of the  SU embossing folders with crumb cake ink place your card in the folder and emboss. The ink transfers to the card while you embossing. It's a great effect and very easy.

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