Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Some time ago the ladies who attended my hostess appreciation day asked me to make a certificate for them to say they had done the class. I have finally got round to doing the certificate. I chose the discontinued stamp set " a rose is a rose" for this. I should have used the stamp-a-magig for this but me being me , I chose not to......I don't think it looks any the worse for not using the positioning tool. This was a great choice of stamps as I wanted to cover quite a large area quickly. I printed off the text, which I had put a green border round. I then masked off the area I didn't want to stamp on and began to stamp randomly but making sure I went over the edge of the mask to form the outer frame. Eazy peazy.

Now I could do this over and over again for each lady or I could cheat and photocopy it....... I didn't really say that did I.

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