Thursday, 19 January 2012

Brightly Coloured Cotton Reels

I have to say this card required a lot masking and a lot of colouring. I have to be in the "mood" for lots of colouring and today I wasn't so my colouring is not brilliant in places. But all in all I enjoyed playing.

I used four or five cotton reel masks and just kept stamping until I had covered the entire piece of card.

Actually it does require a little bit of thought. I wanted the reels going in different directions. and different parts of each reel showing and overlapping in different places.

I started by stamping the Reels that appear to be on the top then masking them off and stamping the reels below. I then set about colouring them with my Stamp and write pens.

Once all the reels were coloured in, I filled in all the remaining white gaps in design with a black pen. This was when I found out my black pen had gone fluffy at the end making colouring in the small spaces very difficult.

I have to confess my colouring was so diabolical in places I had to stamp a couple more reels coloured them cut them out and stuck them on top of the bodged reels.

The words inside for this card will say "Sew Much" not very original but appropriate.

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