Wednesday, 18 January 2012

CD case photo frames

After a death in the family in the middle of last year,
we had kind of inherited 2,000 Jazz and classical CD s.

We are not really fans of either, so we decided we would sell them on, the CD s were in really good condition but the cases were badly scratched or cracked . To sell them on we needed to replace the jewel cases. We bought several hundred new cases. These case s got me thinking, what other uses could I come up with for them.

Here is just one alternative use, by detaching the lid turning it over and put it back on, the CD case will stand upright. The lid of the case can then be used to hold photos.

I cut the two pieces of card one "marina mist" and one "pacific point" to 12cms X 12.5cms and using my largest oval die, I cut out the centre of the marina mist card.

Then I stamped the frame using the Vintage vogue stamp set.

I took the darker "pacific point" piece of card and the next size down oval die, Again cuting out the centre and then stuck the pacific point piece under the "marina mist" card and then placed my photo under both layers of card.

If you don't get the oval apeture in exactly the right place on the bottom layer , you can trim down the sides of the bottom layer until you are able to position the smaller apeture in exactly the right place.

For the second frame I did exactly as for frame one apart from the stamping.

Instead I used Marianne s corner die to cut four corners and just placed one in each corner. Very easy, much easier than I make it sound.

The third frame was done exactly the same way , I just changed the colours.

Why not have a go at these, they would make a great little gift and for only a few pence.

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