Saturday, 26 November 2011

My Eureka Moment.

I mentioned yesterday I had discovered something about the SU embossing folders I hadn't realized before.
Perhaps this is because I haven't really used my embossing folders much or perhaps I am just slow on the up take.  If you're like me and haven't  realized then read on.
If you look at the photos of the SU folder and the other brand you'll notice the SU folder has a slightly  narrower bottom plate.
I now know why this is. I only discovered this recently when I wanted to emboss all my Christmas tags. I am,  as I said, quite lazy when I have to do lots of the same thing.

So to save time I decided to try and emboss four tags at the same time using one of the SU folders . 
I wrapped my tags around the sides of the bottom plate and run all four tags through the big shot in one go.
It worked well I had four beautifully embossed tags.
Then I did the same with  another brand of embossing folder.
It was then I discovered why the bottom plate is narrower.
The narrower  plate allows you to emboss right up to the fold of your tags.

Most of the other brands don't allow you to emboss up to the edge in this way.
My final photo shows this. I guess you could add a ribbon along this  flat edge if you wished, but personally, I think I prefer my tags embossed right up to the fold. I have since noticed  that the Tim Holtz embossing folders have the narrower bottom plate too.  

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