Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Molly update and Puppy diarrhoea

Molly has settled in nicely now. She has cost us a fortune at the vet trying to sort out her upset tummy,the medication and the very expensive food they sold us did nothing.
I decided to do a little research and  discovered a dog breeder in the USA who recommended feeding Libby's pumpkin  puree to puppies who have loose stools  caused by the stress of moving to a new home / new owners or a change in diet. Trying to find  canned pumpkin puree turned out to be another thing. There are very few places in the UK that sell it.  
After a little more research I discovered than Libby's pumpkin puree is actually butternut squash, which is in the shops pretty much all year round, So I thought I would give it a try...... 12 hours later we saw a result,  nice firm poohs.
  We carried on with this for a week or so until we had to go back to the vets for worming pills.
I discussed Molly's new  diet with the vet. She said she had never heard of feeding dogs pumpkins before and added it won't do her any harm.  Some dogs and cats need a high fibre diet and pumpkin is high in fibre.
 So I now mix in a good size tablespoon of  mashed  butternut squash into every meal. She loves it. She would  and has eaten it on it's own Wellie and  Stan seem to like it too.
It also works helps dogs and cats  that suffer with constipation apparently.
A word of caution here, if your puppy is not drinking and the stools are like water .... get the dog to the vet as soon as possible.

 ASDA's sales of butternut squash have soared in the  last month.
 Cooking all that butternut squash and pumpkin spurred  me on to make my first  pumpkin pie.... I was a bit reluctant to eat it at first,  but it was okay and yes,  I would make it again as winter pudding on bonfire night  perhaps.  but I have to say it had the opposite effect on us.

Anyway, Molly's confidence is growing by the day and  her little accidents around the house are getting fewer and fewer. She no longer wets herself when Stan barks or talks to us in his deep voice.
Wellie has decided Molly is okay to play with now and Stan has even started to join in too. Progress at last!

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