Thursday, 11 August 2011

My Birthday Pressies

Tuesday was my birthday and what a lovely day it was.
The men of the house were at work leaving just Stan the dog and myself at home.

I spent most of the day in my craftroom creating a diamond wedding anniversary card for a friend.( I can't post photos yet
Amazingly,  I didn't have any feelings of guilt for not doing the housework, it was Great!  it's a shame  birthdays don't last a week  really,  then I could get away without doing housework all week. hee hee.
I had lots of phone calls in the morning and later in the day a couple of friends called in to wish me a happy birthday,  some  bearing  gifts, Stampin' up  goodies of course, hee hee.
Everyone was so generous. Thank you all for my pressies and for making my birthday a HAPPY one.
Hubby took me out for an Italian meal,  we arrived to find the restuarant was being refurbished so the italian was off.  After a great debate we ended up eating in a nearby hotel, not the meal I was looking forward to,  but a good 2nd best. Thanks Baby.

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