Monday, 4 July 2011

Newbury art stamp show / Goodwood festival of speed.

WOW! what a busy day we have had , it started with  a visit to the art stamp show at the Newbury race course, I made a few small purchases there.
 Then it was off to Goodwood  for the festival of speed. We got to see a few well known drivers including Damen Hill and Sterling Moss and a  few rally drivers Alan recognized.  We also saw Brian May and Anita Dobson.
After four or five hours walking round and watching the cars, we got to go up in the big wheel, for FREE.
Now both of us are afraid of heights so this was a big thing for us. I wanted to get out almost as soon as we got in, but Alan said no it'll be okay, and then the doors closed and we started to move so we had to stay put. I closed my eyes until we got to the top. Alan was  much braver and took some photo's of the scenery and me hanging on to the handle in sheer terror. these are photo's I will NOT be sharing with you. lol.
 I felt a little better as we descended and managed to take a few photos.

This is a shot looking through the  Jaguar.I like this shot for some strange reason.
This is a shot from the big wheel.

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