Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Jelly Bean Cone

Here is a little project that made me late for school one day last week.
I woke up with this idea in my head and just had to try it before I forgot it.
I rushed off to my craftroom and began drawing up my cone template. 
Having finished my template and checking it was going work, I realised I had about 2 minutes to get to work. Fortunately I only live a few minutes from where I work so I wasn't that late.
later in the day I cut  loads of cones and began Stampin them with the jelly beans using the jelly bean stamp in the Something Sweet stamp set from S.U.with  Ruby Red, Old Olive,Elegant Eggplant , Daffodil Delight and Pumpkin Pie ink pads.

I started by inking up the stamp in ruby red ink and stamping  the cone three times without
 re inking the stamp, which I think adds more tones and depth to the project.
 I repeated this process with the olive the pumpkin ink.
The yellow I only stamped once as the colour is to pale to  do 2nd generation stamping,  but the purple I stamped  three or four times without re inking and the results were pleasing each time.
Sometimes I stamped onto my work pad  before stamping my project just to get rid of the excess ink from the stamp.

 I glued two layers of tissue paper to the back with a glue stick.

When the glue had dried I applied strong double sided tape along the edge marked score line  matched up the pointed end and stuck the two edges together.
Then trimmed  the tissue paper into shape.

I then made a second white cone , slightly shorter and placed it inside to neaten up the inside.
 I then filled each one with jelly beans, tied each one with a ribbon, labelled them and gave them to the children as an end of year, happy holiday gift.
They loved them.

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