Thursday, 19 May 2011

Toilet roll book

This is a bit of an odd book really, because it is made out of toilet rolls..... YES I did say.... toilet rolls.
I took 6 empty toilet rolls punched a hole in one end with my crop a dile for the ring, you could do two holes and use two rings.
I then snipped out a semi circle using the 1" punch at the other end and painted them with black acrylic paint inside and out and allowed then to dry completely.

Then I flattened them by running them through the big shot to make sure they stayed flat.

Using the love letters paper from S.U I decorated each side of the flattened loo rolls.

Once all six were decorated I threaded them onto a large hinged ring.

I cut card into rectangles just big enough to slide into the centre of each toilet roll.
I then decorated each side with scraps of same love letter paper (there are quite alot of designs in this pack)
I punched the tabs and added them to

the top of each rectangle to make them look like tags
The cover is just the back of a note book cut to the same size as the toilet rolls and covered in the same range of paper.
I have still to finish decorating this book and then I will decide what I put in it.

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