Sunday, 10 April 2011

Three little fish

Yesterday was another training day but this time it was held in Locks Heath. I arrived late as usual and missed the talk at the beginning. Hubby and I are always getting lost and always arriving late. So much so that we are considering changing our names to Mr & Mrs Leightenlost. But that's another story. Believe it or not these fish were created using the petal stamps from the Build a blossom stamp set. How cool are these little guys. This was the project I was looking forward to doing all day and it was one of the last project I did. I have to admit I messed it up first time round so I used the emergency side of my paper and stamped it all again......The result was I messed it up even more, so I ended up using my first attempt. The eyes are just S.U 's crystals but the way the light has hit them has made them look as though I have used those nasty plastic wobbly eyes. The crystals look far better in reality.

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