Thursday, 21 April 2011

Plane and Simple

Okay! This is my last post with the plane and simple stamp set. If you've just arrived here then this will be the first Plane and simple card.

Some times customers fall in love with a stamp set, but then question how many times they would use it. I felt the same way about this stamp set and "I" come from two generations of RAF servicemen that all happen to be into motorbikes . So technically I shouldn't have had any reservations about buying this set at all . I guess, I doubted my own imagination rather than the stamp set. But after using it at our team training day, I rushed off to order it.So yesterday, I set myself a challenge to see how many cards I could make using the Plane & Simple Stamp set from S.U.'s new mini catalogue. I have to confess after completing a few cards I had run out of ideas, I had to seek ideas from other demonstrators.

Anyway this is a card we made on the training day, We started by stamping the plane and then screwing up the paper tightly. then we opened it our and using a sponge dauber we lightly daubed the mountains ( That's the peaks in the scrunched up paper, the dips are referred to as the valleys) with a soft suede ink. The background was stamped using the same colour ink and the sanded background stamp. Then it was over stamped with the birthday greeting in the plain and simple stamp set. It then was just a case of sticking all the layers together and adding the tiny bulldog clip from Stamp' Up's accessory range.

This card really appeals to me. Somehow this card makes me think of my late grandfather who served many years as engineer in the RAF, later in life, he worked at The Rolls Royce factory in Shrewsbury teaching engineering. I have am image of him in my head in his overalls holding a clipboard. I guess it's the vintage feel ,the clipboard effect and plane that make this card appeal to me.

I am now going to turn all these cards into a baggy book, just to prove to my customers that it's their imagination will determine how much use they get out of a stamp set and if they claim to have little or no imagination , there is always the Internet, a valuable source of ideas and inspiration.

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