Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Okay, now I going to make you think I am a complete Idiot. This is a father's day card. I know the background says thank you, but I kind of forgot what sort of card I was making. But I have some very good excuses, and to cut a long story short it has been a very stressful day, that has left me with a stiff neck and a headache from the tension caused by various so called professional people that cannot do their jobs properly.Starting with the postman that delivered my mail this morning. Stupid man folds my mail to put it through the letter box. He has ruined the die cuts I bought and a really nice Easter card we were sent. I chased after him to complain, but he disappeared. I'll be waiting for him tomorrow. hee hee.

The day got worse as it went along as more incompetent people stressed me out. Here's hoping for better day tomorrow.

Anyway that's enough moaning, back to the card . I guess this one could say" Thanks for being my dad , " or "thanks for being the greatest Dad ever", so this is not a total disaster.

To create the corners I used a small circle punch and just snipped of the corners as evenly as I could.

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