Saturday, 30 April 2011

My First Class

Today I held my first technique class. Actually it was my first class, full stop.

It was a class for my wonderful hostesses some of whom have become good friends over the last year.

They learnt a range of different techniques and made a sample of each then put them in a mini scrapbook.
Here's Trudy painting her card stock with shimmer paint using cling film to do the Mother of Pearl Technique.

Message for Gary, See !!!! She did it herself, NO help from me.

Gary is Trudy's and husband he never believes Trudy when she goes home with something she has made and says I made this. He thinks I have always done it for her.

Honestly Gary, She does do it all herself, how is she going to learn if she doesn't do it herself.

Trudy did amazingly well today, her samples were perfect.

Well done Trudy!

If I had to give an award for most improved card maker of the year it would go to Trudy.

Here the girls are at the half way point....

A break for coffee and cupcakes in the garden.

Everyone had a good time and enjoyed trying techniques they had never tried before.

I had a lovely day, these ladies are such a pleasure to work with.

I love their enthusiasm and to see their delight when they have created something they are pleased with.

Thank you ladies for coming and thank you so much for your lovely, positive comments on the questionnaire I asked you to complete.

I'll start planning the follow up class as soon as I can and I'll try to relax a bit more on the next one. ha ha.

And as for a certificate......... Well ........ I'll see what I can do. ha ha ha.

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