Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Decorated Shopping List Pad

Well here you see a
couple of really cheap
shopping list pads
that have been given the Kimber treatment and decorated with Stampin' up
designer papers and a little stamping.
I love these papers so much, I think I have bought one pad in each colour family.
They are excellent value for money.
Each page is double sided, so you get two different patterns in the same colour on one sheet of paper, so if you don't like
one design you can turn it over and use the other side. Trouble is some of them are so nice I can't bear to cut them up.
Anyway I think this project would be a great thing to make and sell at school or church fund raising events.
They are so easy and inexpensive to make.
On the fruit pad I added gold cord to make a hanging loop but on the pink one I stuck magnetic tape in two long strips from top to bottom on either side.
My magnetic tape turned out to be pretty dreadful stuff all round, it wasn't sticky enough to stick to the card so I had to use some stronge double sides tape to hold on to the back and then the magnetic qualities were only just strong enough to hold it on the fridge. It certainly didn't stay on the door when the door was slammed or pushed shut a little too forcefully.
So make sure you get a quality magnetic tape if you want them to make them for fridges.

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